About us

About CertusSoft Inc

CertusSoft Inc is a Canadian owned business located near London, ON. It was originally founded 2004 in Chelmsford/UK and incorporated 2006 in Canada. The company is building on the impressive skills of its employees, to deliver the best possible software solutions in a scientific & business environment, always on time and on budget.

The technical skills usually needed for a software/automation project in a laboratory setting are a unique combination of a sound understanding of science and the parameters involved in order to be able to create a well designed database as well as a user-friendly and intuitive user interface with an operator/expert in mind. Furthermore extensive programming experiences on current as well as outdated operating systems, sound knowledge of databases (current as well as outdated) and professional software design and architecture experience are essential for the successful completion of such a project.

Based on this skill set we also develop customized training solutions aligned with business strategy, technology, and process improvement initiatives, immediately integrating new hires into your business environment and culture.

Our Team

Heinrich Ziegler, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Ziegler fits this profile perfectly, due to his extensive scientific knowledge (PhD in Analytical & Electro-Chemistry), his hands on experience in analytical laboratories (International Atomic Energy Agency, SAL, AUSTRIA, Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, GERMANY), his professional software development and architecture experience, all that combined with a profound database knowledge.

Michaela Lenz, MSc

Chief Executive Officer

A profound background in chemistry (Master of Science) together with a unique combination of professional experience in software testing and documentation as well as software development and customer training make Michaela Lenz an ideal communication interface and solution expert between scientists, developers and customers.

Partners & Contractors


Depending on workload and required expertise, we always make sure that the best team is working on the desired solution.

In particular we are proud partners with SabioAdvantec LLC an engineering company located in North Carolina.

Our Customers

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Los Alamos National Laboratory
National Institute for Standards and Technology
Sensors Safety Products
Selcia Ltd

and others ...