Data Management System (DMS) Data Capturing and Analysis

DMS - Tailored to your data needs

Our approach to develop clean and generic software allows us to adapt our products exactly to your needs.

This approach of reusable coding increases product stability and reduces costs. Talk to us regarding your data processing needs and we will find a solution which work best for you and your staff.

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Powerful User Interface

Easy to use, touch screen friendly inderface, leads through common process steps, making training of new staff a breeze.

  • State-of-the-art ribbon technology
  • Powerful spreadsheets, well beyond MS Excel
  • Graph/Spectrum preview in realtime
  • Normalisation of Data from different sources
  • Fast and easy access
  • Impressive search capabilities
  • Sorting by any field
  • Exporting Data as CSV, TXT, Excel files, ….

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Intelligent Analysis Tools

Powerful Analysis tool allows:

  • Stretching and compressing of graphs
  • Alignment of peaks
  • Stacking of Graphs for comparative studies
  • Normalisation of data from multiple sources
  • and many more ...

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